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ACR Vita Pizza Oven

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The first thing you notice with the ACR Vita Pizza Oven is the very useful storage area beneath the oven. This adds to the overall look and feel of what can only be described as a traditional style pizza oven. The ability to cook traditional pizzas at your convenience has been a big attraction for many of our customers. Growing in popularity, there are a number of subtle but extremely useful elements we need to make you aware of on the ACR Vita Pizza Oven.

Pizzas are obviously associated with Italy so it is in this vein that ACR have created a range of Italian style pizza ovens. These log fired machines are extremely easy on the eye, decorative and a focal point for any garden. It can be difficult to understand the mechanics and inner workings of their modern day pizza oven but they are not as simple as they look.

Would you believe us if we told you that the ACR Vita Pizza Oven can reach temperatures of 500°C in just 30 minutes? It can! On the surface, this sounds very dangerous but the design and materials used offer you premium protection. The ACR Vita Pizza Oven outer body is made of steel with a stainless steel inner and premium insulation to protect you from the heat. This allows the ACR Vita Pizza Oven to retain as much heat as possible. When you consider the temperatures of up to 500°C, these are extremely compact, tight and well-designed machines.

The ACR Vita Pizza Oven comes in two different colours, Nero and Rosso, with overall dimensions of width 1119 mm, depth 724 mm and an overall height of 1816 mm. The oven section has a width of 600 mm, depth of 530 mm and a height of 280 mm. This model, with the extended storage area, weighs 74 kg and is perfect for use in the back garden - even portable if you so wish. So, we have an authentically designed Italian pizza oven, able to reach temperatures of 500°C and create crisp traditional pizzas. At this point it is also worth remembering that the pizza oven can also be used for roasting, slow cooking as well as many other delicacies. Perfect!

Online Catalogue | Outdoor Living | Pizza Ovens |  ACR Vita Pizza Oven