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Broseley Evolution Ignite 5

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While many stoves nowadays are manufactured outside of the UK this is not the case with the Broseley Ignite 5. You can instantly tell from the quality of this particular model that it is from the Broseley Fires range offering a traditional yet somehow modern appearance hiding a highly efficient combustion chamber. These are the type of stoves which are perfect for any environment whether a traditional farmhouse or perhaps a modern-day townhouse.

The strong and elegant look of the Broseley Ignite 5 is defined by the steel construction with a choice of top or rear flue. The primary and secondary air controls together with an external combustion air intake option will allow you to watch the dancing flames in the comfort of your own home. The appeal of the Broseley Ignite 5 is immediately doubled due to the fact it is available with a log store for the traditional wood-burning variation or multifuel. The efficiency of the Broseley Ignite 5 is in excess of 80% with heat output of 5 kW and weighing 85 kg.

While it is very easy to see the trademark elements of the Broseley Fires range the company continues to improve the look, efficiency and value for money of its range of UK stoves. It will be interesting to see what variations and what other models the company releases in the short to medium term because new Broseley stoves tend to catch the eye. With a traditional yet elegant look, extremely high efficiency and an array of new additions such as the company’s Actiview technology it is not difficult to see why this will be extremely popular in the future.

So, whether you have tried a wood-burning multifuel stove in the past or perhaps this is your first time, we strongly recommend checking out the Broseley Ignite 5 today.

Airwash System
Two Air Control
Rear and Top Flue Outlet
Large Viewing Window

All Broseley Evolution Stoves come with a 5 year guarantee from the date of purchase

Online Catalogue | Stove Brands | Showroom Display Stoves |  Broseley Evolution Ignite 5