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Charnwood Bembridge Spare Parts

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Please allow 3-4 working weeks for delivery on all Charnwood Spare Part Orders.
Product Ref Description Price Quantity
008/AT096 Charnwood Bembridge Tool Holder Pouch 25.69
004/AT097 Charnwood Bembridge Tool Pouch Hook 12.14
010/NR057 Charnwood Heat Shield 89.21
010/NR050 Charnwood Logstore 135.58
010/ER051S Charnwood Bembridge High Legs (Optional Extra) 128.45
010/EW51 Charnwood Ash Carrier 119.88
010/BU034 Charnwood Vertical Rear Flue Adaptor 154.62
002/PX89 Charnwood Riddler Knob 56.97
010/DR060 Charnwood Riddling Rod 37.89
002/EY03 Charnwood Grate Plate 36.40
010/NR061 Charnwood Rear Grate Support 30.04
010/NR042 Charnwood Right Hand Grate Support 30.04
010/NR043 Charnwood Left Hand Grate Support 31.53
010/EY06 Charnwood Front Grate Support 41.62
004/AT017 Charnwood Bembridge Ashpan 57.58
010/AT022 Charnwood Bembridge Grate Kit 192.68
008/CR063 Charnwood Duct Gasket 5.94
004/CR064 Charnwood Coverplate 11.90
008/ES36/01 Charnwood Brass Ball Catch 5.94
008/CR048 Charnwood Air Inlet Spigot 17.84
008/CR006 Charnwood Upper Airbox Gasket 14.87
008/BR045 Charnwood Lower Air Box Gasket 14.87
004/NRE0 Charnwood Bembridge Air Inlet Slide 22.84
008/BR052 Charnwood Felt Washer 1.19
004/ER016 Charnwood Control Rod 2.98
008/AY37 Charnwood Air Control Knob 8.94
010/CR005 Charnwood Air Control Plate 57.10
008/AT95 Charnwood Bembridge Door Tool 42.75
008/FFW008 Charnwood M12 Washer 0.15
008/FFW015 Charnwood Spring Washer 2.98
002/AY14 Charnwood Door Catch 11.28
004/ST008 Charnwood Tabbed Locking Washer 1.46
008/FFN001 Charnwood M12 Half Nut 0.22
002/PX92 Charnwood Door Knob & Spindle 25.04
010/AT016 Charnwood Bembridge Latch Bracket 2.37
002/AT001/A Charnwood Bembridge Door Assembly 179.12
008/FFW026 Charnwood 1/4 Heavy Brass Washer 0.61
008/BW39/S Charnwood Hinge Pin Set 5mm x 25mm 5.94
002/BR020 Charnwood Hinge 5.94
002/PV12B Charnwood Flue Collar 76.44
010/AY51 Charnwood Clamping Plate 23.79
012/PV09 Charnwood Blanking Plate 26.77
008/NV38 Charnwood Flue Collar Rope Seal 11.90
002/NR017 Charnwood Fuel Retainer 65.40
010/AT078 Charnwood Bembridge Wood Ash Retainer 28.55
004/DY22 Charnwood Riddler Blanking Disk 5.94
010/AT023 Charnwood Bembridge Blanking Spacer 1.92
010/NR029 Charnwood Right Hand Brick and Fence Support 23.79
010/NR028 Charnwood Left Hand Brick and Fence Support 23.79
011/AT130S Charnwood Bembridge Set of Firebricks 123.11
004/XV30 Charnwood Firebrick Bracket 11.90
010/ER036 Charnwood Firebrick Retaining Washer 2.37
008/FFB125 Charnwood Coach Bolt M6x45 1.19
011/NRE131 Charnwood Bembridge Brick Throat Plate 49.95
004/KV23 Charnwood Glass Retainer Clips and Screws 11.90
008/NR044 Charnwood Glass Seal 29.74
006/NR019 Charnwood Replacement Glass 89.21
008/FW29a Charnwood Door Seal Adhesive 12.14
008/AT002 Charnwood Bembridge Rope Door Seal 10mm 24.55

Online Catalogue | Spare Parts | Charnwood Spare Parts |  Charnwood Bembridge Spare Parts