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Charnwood SLX 45 Mark 1 Spare Parts

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Please allow 3-4 working weeks for delivery on all Charnwood Spare Part Orders..
Product Ref Description Price Quantity
010/FW51 Charnwood SLX Ash Carrier 109.01
003/TV01/SLX/A Charnwood SLX LH Door Assembly 192.20
003/TV02/SLX/A Charnwood SLX RH Door Assembly 209.98
005/KV09 Charnwood SLX Top Hood Panel 135.43
005/KV06 Charnwood SLX Lower Hood Panel 147.82
005/KV05 Charnwood SLX RH Side Panel 106.55
005/KV04 Charnwood SLX LH Side Panel 106.55
008/KV49 Charnwood SLX 45 Mark 1 Thermostat Flap 9.15
008/FW48 Charnwood SLX Thermostat 54.44
012/CG05 Charnwood Idle Rod 31.99
012/KV19 Charnwood SLX Riddler Rod 35.56
002/CG06 Charnwood SLX Riddler Knob 20.12
008/BW40 Charnwood SLX Carrier Bar Roll Pin (Pair) 4.80
002/KV30 Charnwood SLX Carrier Bar 51.26
012/KV33 Charnwood SLX Mover Bar 46.65
004/KV17 Charnwood SLX Ashpan 75.93
002/CG01S10 Charnwood SLX Set of Grate Bars (10) 133.48
002/CG01 Charnwood Bottom Grate Bar 17.08
002/FW16 Charnwood SLX Back Fire Plate 35.56
002/FW15 Charnwood SLX Side Fire Plate 43.16
002/AV31 Charnwood SLX Throat Plate 87.38
002/KV08 Charnwood SLX Deepening Bar 52.24
002/KV11 Charnwood SLX Front Firebar Back Plate 53.85
002/KV07 Charnwood SLX Front Firebar 53.85
008/BW50 Charnwood Thermostat Knob 4.80
012/FW34 Charnwood Scraper Tool 13.10
010/RW21 Charnwood Ashpan/Riddling Tool 26.41
008/KV13 Charnwood LH Door Knob 3.44
002/KV14 Charnwood SLX Door Catch Cam 10.12
008/KV16 Charnwood RH Handle 22.06
008/BW39/S Charnwood Hinge Pin Set 5mm x 25mm 5.41
008/TV27 Charnwood SLX Hinge Post 7.85
004/KV23 Charnwood Glass Retainer Clips and Screws 10.82
008/KV55 Charnwood SLX Glass Seal Kit 13.52
006/KV18 Charnwood SLX Glass incl Seal 91.93
008/FW29 Charnwood Door Seal Adhesive 13.52
008/KV35S Charnwood SLX Door Seal Set incl Adhesive 29.91

Online Catalogue | Spare Parts | Charnwood Spare Parts |  Charnwood SLX 45 Mark 1 Spare Parts