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Charnwood TOR Spare Parts

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Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery on all Charnwood Spare Part Orders.

Product Ref Description Price Quantity
008/ES137 Charnwood Glass Seal Kit 14.92
004/ES17 Charnwood Tor Ash Bin 119.02
010/ES01/10/01 Charnwood Tor Upper Hinge Bracket 20.19
010/ES01/10/00 Charnwood Tor Lower Hinge Bracket 20.19
008/FFN001 Charnwood M12 Half Nut 0.22
004/ST008 Charnwood Tabbed Locking Washer 1.46
004/ES01/12 Charnwood Tor Handle Stop 2.23
002/CY45 Charnwood Flue Collar 83.09
008/FFW015 Charnwood Spring Washer 2.98
002/AY14 Charnwood Door Catch 11.28
008/KV16 Charnwood RH Handle 24.26
008/ES35/02 Charnwood Tor Door Seal Kit 32.90
011/ES28/01 Charnwood Tor Firebrick 45.90
010/ES27 Charnwood Tor Extension Ring 65.52
010/ES27/01 Charnwood Tor Space Ring 21.04
006/ES18/01 Charnwood Tor Glass Side 348.89
010/ES31 Charnwood Tor Baffle 61.94
004/ES10/17 Charnwood Tor L H Corner Upright 25.55
004/ES10/16 Charnwood Tor R H Corner Upright 25.55
002/ES10/05 Charnwood Tor Side Casting 124.24
002/ES10/04 Charnwood Tor Front Casting 115.46
010/ES10/15 Charnwood Tor Rear Collar 30.77
004/ES04/09 Charnwood Tor Glass Retainer Slide 23.70
002/ES04/08 Charnwood Tor Escutcheon Plate 39.75
004/ES04/06 Charnwood Tor Trim Mount 1.34
008/ES04/05 Charnwood Tor Soapstone Top 0.38
004/ES04/04 Charnwood Tor Glass Holding Bracket 3.14
010/ES04/03 Charnwood Tor Stove Top (Steel) 104.47
004/ES04 Charnwood Tor Rear Cover 116.60
010/ES01/15 Charnwood Tor Hinge Assembly (Top) 21.04
010/ES01/16 Charnwood Tor Hinge Assembly (Lower) 21.04
004/ES01/07 Charnwood Tor Glass Retainer Front 23.19
004/ES01/04 Charnwood Tor Glass Support 3.14
002/ES01/A Charnwood Tor Door Assembly 694.50

Online Catalogue | Spare Parts | Charnwood Spare Parts |  Charnwood TOR Spare Parts