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Penman Bassington Eco Multifuel Stove with Standard Legs in Warm White ** Showroom Clearance **




Product Description


RRP: £1659.00
Clearance Price: £999.00

Those who follow the multifuel and wood-burning stove markets will be well aware of the huge developments in the range of products now available. Sometimes, as shown with the Bassington Multi Fuel stove, the traditional basic design has a lot to offer. However, when we say basic, it is easy to forget the technology under the hood. You may not know it but the improved Bassington Multi Fuel stove is now Eco Design ready and DEFRA approved for wood-burning in smoke controlled areas. There's a lot going on in the industry!

As you can see from the images, the Bassington Multi Fuel stove incorporates an old world look, with an expanded viewing area, while incorporating the latest technology. The heat created by a wood-burning/solid fuel stove is different to normal heat; it seems more deep-seated and relaxing, perfect after a tough day. The nominal heat rating for the Bassington Multi Fuel stove comes in at 5 kW with a range of between 2.5 kW and 8 kW, more than enough to heat a small to medium size room. It would also take the chill of a much larger room!

The efficiency rating is an impressive 84% and the Bassington Multi Fuel stove has an A+ Energy rating. It is important to have both maximum efficiency and relatively high energy ratings in light of ongoing developments and tightening regulations. We live in a world where emissions are frowned upon, efficiency ratings are moving higher and new technology allows fuel to be burnt and re-burnt as a means of protecting the environment. Releasing an Ecodesign version of the Bassington Multi Fuel stove was a masterstroke and one which is proving popular amongst consumers.

Moving on to some of the specifications, the Bassington Multi Fuel stove has dimensions of width 500 mm, depth 364 mm with a height of 615mm.. You have the option of a top or rear flue exit with a flue size of 125 mm. Many people will also be interested in the leg variations which can change the look and feel of the Bassington Multi Fuel stove in your room. The leg variations include standard legs, skirted legs, baseline legs and grande legs. If you are not sure about the variations please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the matter in more detail.

It is safe to say that the release of an Ecodesign version of the original Bassington Multi Fuel stove has been well received by the market. This is a stove which was already popular but now ticks all of the environmental boxes, crucial for long-term success. All that is left to do is sit back, watch those flickering flames and burning embers and relax.

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