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ACR Tenbury T550 Inset Stove

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Over the last few years we have seen a significant increase in demand for inset stoves and as a consequence ACR have released the ACR Tenbury T550 5KW inset stove. The contemporary style of the ACR Tenbury T550 5KW inset stove is what first catches your eye but there is more to this than just visual brilliance. Many people appreciate the opportunity to fit a stove into a wall without taking up any floorspace or protruding into your room. There is also a common misconception that inset stoves can be difficult to install when this is certainly not the case.

The ACR Tenbury T550 5KW inset stove is able to accommodate both wood and solid fuel thereby expanding its potential market in an instant. The flawless steel construction finish epitomises the high quality of manufacture of the machine – as if to confirm this, there is a 10 year guarantee on the body of the stove. In the current environment it is also worth mentioning that the ACR Tenbury T550 5KW inset stove is DEFRA approved, allowing you to burn wood in smoke controlled areas.

The heat output of the stove is between 3 kW and 7 kW creating a nominal 5 kW what machine. The stove weighs a relatively light 75 kg and with an efficiency rating of 82.9% it is able to heat rooms with a capacity of up to 70 m. The dimensions are height 550 mm, width 550 mm with a depth of 334 mm. The flue size is 125 mm (5 inches) and there is the option to acquire additional three or four sided facias which may better suit your room decor.

The fact that many people seem to be drawn towards the traditional shape and sized stoves does to a certain extent overshadow the inset stove market which has grown significantly in recent times. These are especially useful for rooms where floorspace is perhaps limited for a variety of reasons and it is better to have the stove flush against the wall. The wider firebox ensures that you can watch the flickering flames and the burning embers to your hearts content. The airwash system is extremely powerful and ensures that the glass viewing area is always free from dirt and sooty deposits.

While ACR is perhaps best known for a mix of traditional and contemporary stoves, the company’s array of new inset stoves are certainly causing heads to turn amongst stove enthusiasts. It will be interesting to see what other types of inset stove the company decides to offer in the future. It is safe to say that those currently available under the ACR brand have certainly gone down very well in the marketplace!

Online Catalogue | Woodburning & Multifuel | ACR Stoves |  ACR Tenbury T550 Inset Stove