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Aga Stove Glass

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All Stove glass is cut to size for customers orders, so please double check you are ordering for the correct model and also check the size as well

Stove Glass is NOT returnable, unless faulty
Product Ref Description Price Quantity
GS360345 Aga Ellesmere 5 - 360mm x 345mm x 4mm 50.15
G455345 Aga Ellesmere EC5W - 455mm x 345mm x 4mm 56.85
G323266 Aga Much Wenlock Classic - 323 x 266 x 5mm 32.10
G16240 Aga Much Wenlock MK1 - 162 x 40 x 4mm 6.15
G15252 Aga Little Wenlock MK1 - 152 x 52 x 4mm 6.15
GS231208 Aga Little Wenlock Classic Mark 2 - 231mm x 208mm x 4mm 22.95
GS428267A Aga Berrington - 428mm x 267mm x 4mm 47.40
G372244 Aga Minsterley - 372mmx 244mm x 4mm 33.65
G300286B Aga Stretton - 300mm x 286mm x 4mm 32.10
G260162 Aga Much Wenlock Mark 1 - 260mm x 162mm x 4mm 15.30
G291223 Aga Much Wenlock Mark 2 -291mm x 223mm x 4mm 23.70
G340250 Aga New Much Wenlock - 340 x 250 x 5mm 30.60
G268240 Aga Ludlow - 268mm x 240mm x 4mm 23.70
G156156 Aga Little Wenlock Mark 1 - 156mm x 156mm x 4mm 9.95
G188156A Aga Little Wenlock Mark 2 - 188mm x 156mm x 4mm 10.70
G238188 Aga Little Wenlock Mark 3 - 238mm x 188mm x 4mm 16.85
G260200 Aga New Little Wenlock - 260 x 200 x 4mm 19.90
G233147A Aga Severn - 233mm x 147mm x 4mm 13.00
G230210 Aga Little Wenlock Classic - 230mm x 210mm x 4mm 18.35
G228190 Aga Darby A - 228mm x 190mm x 4mm 16.05
G19076 Aga Darby B - 190mm x 76mm x 4mm 10.70

Online Catalogue | Stove Glass |  Aga Stove Glass