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Room Kilowatt Calculator

In order to ensure you have the right size stove for your room check out the guide (metres) on the right . For example if your room was 6 m x 6 m then according to the chart below you will require a stove with a minimum output of 6.17 kW. If your room was 18 feet x 20 feet then you would require a minimum output of 5.66 kW for any stove which you were looking to install.

These figures are based upon the average height of a UK room which is 8 feet or 2.4 m although this will obviously vary in some homes across the UK. Please note that these figures are for guidance only and we strongly recommend calling the showroom on 01706 813393 or e-mailing us at sales@bowlandstoves.co.uk to discuss in more detail, as other factors will come into play such as ventilation, windows, doors and the location you are looking to place your stove.