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Parkray Aspect 5 ECO Stove

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As with the majority of Parkray stoves the Parkray Aspect 5 Stove has an optional multifuel kit but the basic model is a wood burner. As you can see from the image, the stove has a traditional square design but for many it is the enhanced viewing area which makes this one stand out. The opportunity to watch the flickering flames and the burning embers while you drift off to sleep is a very strong selling point for this impressive stove. The heat output is a nominal 4.9 kW with a range of between 4 kW and 7 kW and an efficiency rating of 79.1%. The emissions from this stove are also relatively low and it will be no surprise to learn it is DEFRA approved.

The dimensions of the Parkray Aspect 5 Stove are height 590 mm, width 494 mm with a depth of 429 mm and weighing in at 74 kg. The flue diameter is 125 mm and like most machines there is a top or rear flue option. One of the impressive aspects of the Parkray Aspect 5 Stove is the tripleburn technology which ensures that fuel is burnt, re-burnt and burnt again before any emissions are released. This also ensures there is maximum heat produced from the fuel, hence the above efficiency rating of 79.1%.

Those who follow the stove industry will be well aware that Hunter Group has been working on the Parkray stove range for some time. It is fair to say that the large viewing area, enhanced combustion technology and the hot air wash system, ensuring the glass is clear at all times, have all gone down very well. The ability to kick off those shoes, lie back and relax is a huge selling point for the Parkray Aspect 5 Stove. It may have taken some time to arrive but it has certainly been worth the wait!

Online Catalogue | Woodburning & Multifuel | Parkray Stoves |  Parkray Aspect 5 ECO Stove