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Parkray Aspect 8 ECO Stove

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Those who follow the Hunter Group range of stoves will notice that this portfolio of products accommodates a whole range of different consumer trends. While there is significant demand for multifuel stoves, many stove enthusiasts prefer the good old-fashioned traditional wood burner. So, step forward the Parkray Aspect 8 stove and one of the larger stoves in the Parkray range. Quite how the company has managed to create a design which is traditional with a contemporary touch is puzzling. A good old-fashioned traditional stove with an extended viewing area, perfect for those who like the deep seated heat these machines produce. A lot of work has gone into not only the technology but also the design of the Parkray Aspect 8 stove.

When it comes to the dimensions you will find the machine has a width of 597 mm, depth of 342 mm with a height of 623 mm and weighs in at an impressive 110 kg. The heat output is between 6 kW and 11 kW with a nominal rating of between 5.1 kW and 6 kW. Thankfully in the current environment, the Parkray Aspect 8 stove is DEFRA approved for use in smoke control areas and has an impressive efficiency rating of 79.2%. This means that nearly 80% of all fuel is converted into heat which compares to less than 30% for traditional open coal fires. This is something you rarely read in the press!

As we touched on above, many people like to enjoy the deep seated heat of the Parkray Aspect 8 stove. The large viewing area allows you to watch the flickering flames and burning embers to your heart’s desire. The tripleburn technology ensures that fuel is burnt, re-burnt and burnt again. This ensures maximum heat output while also minimising emissions, something which is on trend at the moment. The hot airwash system ensures that the glass viewing area is clear at all times so why not kick-off those shoes, lay back and relax. At home in both a traditional and contemporary scenario, it is not difficult to see why the Parkray Aspect 8 stove is proving popular.

Online Catalogue | Woodburning & Multifuel | Parkray Stoves |  Parkray Aspect 8 ECO Stove