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54" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam

Online Catalogue | Fireplace Products | GeoCast Beams |  54" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam



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PRODUCT REF: 0704021
Dimensions: (H)140 x (W)1370 x (D)105mm

We bring you the 54" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam, a product you won’t forget. So, you have bought the stove, you enjoy the ambience but how could you show off your new wood-burning/multifuel stove to its best? Well, many people like the idea of a decorative fireplace with a mantle/fireplace beam over the top. This kind of encloses the stove and showcases it making it an even more integral part of your room. However, what if you could install downlights on the fireplace beam?

Using a recently developed material which is composed of natural inorganic minerals, non-toxic and does not burn, this is now possible. Can you imagine sitting back in the evening, with the downlight shining on the stove and the atmosphere this creates? These Dark Oak GeoCast Beams are relatively new to the market and while there is a minimum clearance distance required this is nowhere near the level required for a wood mantel/fireplace beam. Easy to install, very safe and offering excellent value for money, it is no surprise to see that this particular product, the 54" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam is proving to be extremely popular. As we often say this, this is one of those products that you have to see to believe!

The Geocast with lights just require a socket - easy as plug and go!

Online Catalogue | Fireplace Products | GeoCast Beams |  54" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam