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Dunsley Avance 400 Stove

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Before we delve into the specifics of the Dunsley Avance 400 woodburning stove it is important to take a look at the fuel options. While the standard machine is woodburning, you can acquire a solid fuel kit which will allow you to burn smokeless fuels. In this day and age of tight regulations, the ability to burn not only wood but also smokeless fuel is not so common. On the subject of regulations, despite the fact that Ecodesign regulations will not go live until 2022, the Dunsley Avance 400 stove already abides by these new standards. It also has an energy rating of A+ and when burning logs it is approved for use in smoke control areas. So, what else does this machine have to offer?

The first thing that you see is the traditional design with a twist, and an expanded glass viewing area, prompting many to assume old style equals old technology. Wrong! The Dunsley Avance 400 stove is based on the Dunsley Avance 500 stove with heat output from 3.5 kW up to 7 kW. The body of the Dunsley Avance 400 stove is made from cast-iron with high-grade quality steel plate. As well as an adjustable base, to level the stove, it also has interchangeable 5 inch rear and top flue outlets. The efficiency rating when burning wood is an extremely impressive 82.4% which is something that Dunsley are very keen to highlight. The dimensions of the Dunsley Avance 400 stove come in at height 590 mm, width 435 mm with a depth of 310 mm.
In this era of tightened regulations for woodburning and multifuel stoves, it is important to maximise the woodburning efficiency. As we touched on above, the Dunsley Avance 400 stove as a very impressive efficiency rating with the ability to maximise heat output and minimise emissions. Even though woodburning stoves tend to be seen as more traditional, this machine incorporates a multifuel option. You can also bolt on a log store which can save you those cold trips outside for logs on those cold winter nights!

When looking at the Dunsley Avance 400 stove many people fail to realise the traditional look hides the latest in combustion technology. The ability to abide by existing and future emission regulations, create a style and look which attracts customers and also maximise efficiency is not easy. It is safe to say that Dunsley have played an ace card with the Dunsley Avance 400 stove, a machine which needs to be seen in real life to be fully appreciated.

If you want to make this stove into a Multifuel Stove you would need to buy the Multifuel Kit
which includes Frame, Grate Bars, Air Slider and Ash Shovel

Online Catalogue | Woodburning & Multifuel | Dunsley Stoves |  Dunsley Avance 400 Stove