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Parkray Derwent Spare Parts

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Product Ref Description Price Quantity
SCPPB Hunter/Parkray 236ML Paint and Brush 38.11
HHR99987K Hunter 5" Flue Gather Kit 186.95
CH05042 Hunter/Parkray 5" Flue Gasket 7.73
HHR99992 Hunter 5" Flue Damper 48.41
CH05011 Hunter/Parkray 5" Blanking Plate 22.66
HHR99990/A Hunter/Parkray Flue Collar/Cover Fixing Pack (Plain Collar) 6.70
CH05010 Hunter 5" Flue Collar 41.20
HCE05048M Hunter Kestral Turbo Bar 52.53
HRR05026 Hunter Kestral Side Brick 22.66
HRR05023 Hunter Kestral Riddling Support 21.63
CNS06002 Parkray Riddling Bar Upper 10.30
CNS06001 Parkray Riddling Bar Lower 10.30
HRR05024 Hunter Kestral Recouping Baffle 50.47
HRR05025 Hunter Kestral Rear Brick 19.06
HRR05009 Hunter Kestral Cam Bar Plate 24.72
HMS06011 Hunter Kestral Cam Bar 24.72
HRR05027 Parkray Derwent Ashpan 41.20
SCPKRSK Hunter Kestral Rope Seal Kit 24.72
FRRM08030 Hunter Kestral Hinge Pin 3.09
FRRM06090 Hunter Kestral Hinge Pin 4.12
HCR03039 Parkray Derwent Hinge 15.45
HRR05019 Hunter Kestral Glass Gasket - Single Door 8.24
HHR08164S Hunter/Parkray Glass Clips and Screws 3.61
HRR05018 Hunter Kestral Glass - Single Door 66.95
CH05009 Hunter Door Slider 19.57
HRR05013 Parkray Derwent Ash Door Cover 37.08
HRR05007 Hunter Top Air Slider Shaft 6.70
HH04090 Hunter Top Air Slider 23.69
HH04088 Hunter Top Air Gasket 7.73
HH04078 Hunter Top Air Deflector 21.63
HHR08045 Hunter/Parkray Slider Knob 12.88

Online Catalogue | Spare Parts | Parkray Spare Parts |  Parkray Derwent Spare Parts