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Penman Panamera Multifuel Stove

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PRODUCT REF: 0601026
The Panamera Multifuel stove is another one from the Penman Collection which is grabbing the attention of consumers. For many, it is the ability to mix-and-match new technology with efficiency, and reduced emissions, which first catches their attention. It is no secret that we live in a world where the environment is front and centre, the stove industry is under pressure from both regulators and consumers, demanding ever greater efficiency. It is safe to say that the Panamera Multifuel stove delivers on all fronts. But there is more, so much more!

At first glance, the Panamera Multifuel stove looks fairly basic but when you begin to dig a little deeper, the intelligence and creativity of the design come to the fore. Yes, it is based on the traditional square-shaped wood-burning/multifuel stove of years gone by, but there is a huge viewing area. For many people, the ability to watch the flickering flames and the burning embers is an integral part of the multifuel stove experience. While the images do not do the stove justice, you may be surprised to learn it also has a curved glass door. Turning now to the specifications of the machine….

The Panamera Multifuel stove has dimensions of height 523 mm, width 409 mm with a depth of 286 mm and an efficiency rating of up to 84%, very impressive! While the stove has a nominal 5 kW heat rating, it actually offers heat output of between 2.5 kW and 8 kW, suitable for small, medium and larger sized rooms. You will not be surprised to learn that the Panamera Multifuel stove is Ecodesign ready which means it already fulfils the latest regulatory obligations, ahead of time. It is also suitable for use in smoke controlled areas, and has an A energy rating, factors which will become ever more important in the months and years ahead.

In summary, the Panamera Multifuel stove has an elegant yet subtle design which appreciates tradition while also incorporating the latest in combustion technology. The curved glass door compliments the extended viewing area, helping to create a relaxed soothing ambience. The Panamera Multifuel stove also comes with the option of a log store which is both practical and also adds to the presence of the stove.

Stylish yet subtle, easy on the eye with an old world style, the Panamera Multifuel stove will be at home in the corner of your room or as a central display.

Online Catalogue | Woodburning & Multifuel | Penman Stoves |  Penman Panamera Multifuel Stove